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Skillset No. 7 Video Projection (for your art)

03/30/2018 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Interested in integrating video or projection into your art? Whether for performance or installation video technologies are breaking their way into many artforms becoming part if the tapestries of many disciplines. Learn how to create the most simplistic tasks such as play a movie (without the audience seeing your mouse hover over the play button). Or create simple animations that you can map to various different surfaces. And what are those surface options anyway? Even if you don't want to create or implement projection yourself, learn what it takes to have it be part of your work. In short, learn what's possible. Callie Chapman is a projection designer, graphic design, dancer, choreographer, and director of Studio@550.  She graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a B.F.A. in dance in 2002. Callie is the artistic director of Zoé Dance and has presented her work throughout the greater Boston area in festivals, self-produced concerts, shared concerts and has toured with Zoe regionally and internationally for the past fifteen years.  Her work has been presented as part of WorldMusic/CRASH Arts 10's the Limit series, Somerville Arts Council's ArtBeat Festival, Dance for World Community Festival at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, Illuminus Festival, Dance Complex's CATALYSTS,…



2017 Fundraising Appeal

Starting with August 17th Summer Fiesta, 550 launches it’s 2nd annual fundraising campaign to support all that is (and will) going on at the Studio.

Support getting a donated piano up our steps, or a scholarship for the new youth dance program, even something as simple as keeping our rates affordable for artists.
During the past year and a half, we’ve seen so many wonderful things walk through our door: From the Artist Lab series we had in November 2016 to our Open Floor in February. Many artists have created work in the studio and we are grateful to be able to provide an affordable, convenient space for them to do that. We want to continue to make all of this (and more) possible in the future. But we really can’t without your contribution. Studio at 550 is a non-profit organization who has chosen to support artists with affordable artist rates. These rates need to be subsidized in order to meet expenses (such as rent). This is where you come in: Your donation will go directly towards keeping the artist rates affordable. Thank you for your continued support!
Callie Chapman
Studio at 550