• This contract represents an ongoing arrangement between Studio at 550, and “Renter” as named below. The following agreements apply to every instance in the future in which Renter uses Studio at 550’s space for any purpose. If Renter fails to uphold any of the following agreements, Renter’s studio privileges may be revoked. All renters must sign this agreement within 10 days of receipt. If not signed within 10 days The Studio may terminate space arrangement.
  • Rentals:
    The Studio at 550space is intended for movement-based work such as dance or movement rehearsals, classes, workshops, and performances in addition to music, theatre, visual arts, technology and other disciplines which fit into the Studio's mission. Space may be booked online via: http://studioat550.org/book-space/

    Renters will pay at or before the time of each rental period, and are encouraged to pay in advance as much as possible. Rent checks may be left in the payment box in the studio at the time of each rehearsal or class. For online payments, renters may pay online (PayPal/credit card) via invoice that will be sent via email. Renters MUST pay for all studio space at or before the time it is used. All rent checks must be written to Studio at 550.

    For CLASS or WORKSHOP Rentals:

    Class/Workshop Rate: $30/hr.

    Private lesson rate (less than 4 students): $25/hr.

    Class Booking: Teachers of regular weekly classes must confirm their class schedule for a full three months.

    Class Cancellation: Space may be cancelled via email with ONE MONTH notice. If a cancellation is arranged after rent has been paid, the balance will be applied towards future rentals of Studio at 550 (no refunds). With less than one month notice, class renters may cancel but will pay full rental rate for the cancelled studio time. Teachers are encouraged to find substitute teachers and keep the class operating consistently.

    For REHEARSAL Rentals:

    Rehearsal Rate: $15/hr. (non-prime*), $17/hr. (prime*)
    * prime is between the hours of 5pm - 9pm

    Rehearsal Bookings: Rehearsals may be booked in advance at any time online via: http://studioat550.org/book-space/

    Rehearsal Cancellation Policy: Space may be cancelled or exchanged via email with 48 hours notice. With less than two days notice, rehearsal renters may cancel but will pay full rental rate for the cancelled studio time.

    For PERFORMANCE Rentals:

    Performance/Event Rate: $125/evening (5:30 - 11:00pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays).
    Other days of the week: start time varies.

    If you are selling tickets, you will need to obtain an entertainment license.
    If you are selling alcohol, you will need to obtain an alcohol license.
    There is also a dual one-day entertainment and alcohol license as well.
    To obtain permits, please visit the City of Cambridge License Commission's webpage for procedures: https://www.cambridgema.gov/license/licenseapplicationforms

    Performance Bookings: Events may be booked in advance via email (callie@studioat550.org).

    Performance/Event bookings include: the use of the studio stereo equipment, folding chairs, black curtains, ladder, and 6 ft. banquet table. Booking does not include use of the private office. Rent payment is expected on the evening the event is scheduled (or before). A full strike of the space, including all chairs, benches, and curtains is expected after each evening’s rental. Thorough cleaning of the space is required (including sweeping and mopping) as per the cleaning checklist distributed during the walk through before your event.

    A walkthrough with a Studio representative is required before a first time performance rental takes place. Please write callie@studioat550.org to schedule your walkthrough.

    Performance Cancellation Policy: Space may be cancelled or exchanged via email with 2 weeks notice. With less than 2 weeks notice, rehearsal renters may cancel but will pay full rental rate for the cancelled studio time.

    If you would like your event posted on the Studio at 550 website, please send a press release/description, and publicity photo to callie@studioat550.org.

    For ALL Rentals:

    Street shoes are absolutely forbidden in the dance studio. All street shoes MUST be removed and left in the entryway. Soft-soled, non-marking, absolutely clean dance shoes are allowed on the dance floor – no tap shoes, no rosin.

    No smoking anywhere inside or directly outside the building. No incense or open flames of any sort.

    A stereo system will be available for rehearsals, classes, and performances. The stereo system can play CDs and has an auxiliary jack (for phones, iPods, laptops/tablets).

    Props need to be constructed in such a way that they can cause no damage to the dance floor. All props must have felt padding on any part that rests on the floor.

    Renters may NEVER leave any equipment, costumes, props or personal belongings anywhere in the studio, hallway, bathroom, or back room.

    Renters agree not to inform any person of the code for the studio. The combination will be changed at Studio at 550’s discretion, based on any security situation that may arise. In the event of a change, renters will be informed of the new lock box combo.

    Each renter assumes responsibility for the security of the space during each rental period. After 8pm, and if the 2nd floor tenants have left, please lock the door to the street as to deter unauthorized persons access to the building. Renters are allowed to use the 3rd floor studio and stairwell and hallway as well as the 2nd floor bathroom and stairwell to the street. Studio at 550 renters are not permitted on the 2nd or 3rd floor roof, the tailor's offices, nor the marxists center's offices. Renters will make sure if they are the last ones out of the building, arrangements are made to secure the building appropriately. This may incude arranging to borrow a key for the street-level door. Renters are responsible for the return of the key within an agreed period of time. The key remains property of Studio at 550 and may be asked to be forfeited at any time.

    For any urgent issue that might compromise the structure or safety of the studio or the building, please call the Studio at 550 Emergency Contact: Callie - 781-738-3272 . For accidents, health crises, criminal activities, or fire, call 911.

    Each renter will assume full responsibility for any damage caused to any part of the entryway, studio, back rooms, bathroom, stereo equipment, floors, windows, mirrors, walls, ceilings, etc. sustained during the renter’s scheduled studio time. Each renter agrees to pay in full for repair or replacement of any item or structure damaged by the renters or by performers, collaborators, or guests invited to Studio at 550 by the renter. Full payment for damage will be made within ONE MONTH of the damage.

    Each renter assumes liability for injury any persons they invite to the space, including but not limited to: injury to students in the renter’s class, injury to performers or collaborators in rehearsal, injury to guests or audience members at a showing.

    Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to a good state before they leave. All windows must be fully closed. All lights, heater(s), air conditioner, benches, barres, chairs, cables, curtains, lanterns, yoga blocks, mats, and electrical equipment must be turned off or put back to their original locations. If the barres are used please be sure that the feet are returned to the perpendicular position (upside down T shape) and nested neatly next to the wall. Trash and litter must be removed and taken with you as we have a carry-in/carry-out policy. As a small gesture, we provide small doggy bags to make it more convenient for you. Please sweep if necessary, and leave the studio in satisfactory condition for the next renter. If the windows are left open, barres left out, trash not removed, chairs left out, there is a $25 cleaning fee imposed on the renter. The renter assumes responsibility for people that they let into the space.

    Renters will sign this contract before using Studio at 550 space (either online or in paper form). The signed contract can be left in the deposit box on the renter’s first visit.

    Future Policy Changes:
    Studio at 550 reserves the right to change the above rental policies at any time to reflect the needs and concerns of the studio, community, and resident companies. Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies.



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