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Dear supporter,

Over the past 3 years we have grown to be a unique valuable resource for artists of all types in the greater Boston area.  From providing low-cost space to artists of various types (from movement and dance, to technology-arts, to music and theatre and healing arts).  Our objective is to nurture creativity by providing a quiet, isolated space to explore and create for artists of all types as well as those who cross borders of disciplines.

Over the past year we have updated our space with generous donations of labor and supplies by painting the walls from peeling yellow to brilliant white and grey, gotten black out curtains to provide night time during daylight hours, mounted 3 projectors for a potential immersive digital experiences, and are currently working on sound system upgrades.  In addition to physical changes, our new programs include our first Artist in Residence (Janelle Gilchrist), held the first Teranga Children’s Festival, run our SKILLSETS workshops, and have soft-launched our new fiscal sponsorship program.

We continue to offer below market rate space rental ranging from $15/hr. for rehearsal rental to $200 for event rental in a safe, quiet, and isolated space in the heart of Central Square.  With art spaces dropping like flies in the area, we are grateful to be able to exist.  In the face of rising rents, gentrification, and no foundational support WE STILL ARE HERE! But in order to continue our legacy and provide space, services, and programs we need your help to build a sustainable future.


We are asking for $5,000 to build our operational fund so that we are able to meet monthly expenses and ideally pay staff for their administrative time.  As a non-profit providing various services and low-cost rental we are entering this new fiscal year with our eye on building a more sustainable future.  Currently rental expenses are met by our hourly renters.  Anything beyond gets put towards other monthly expenses, future rental expenses, and sometimes (if the revenue exceeds our expenses) staff gets a nominal stipend.  Our staff consists of one person who works for the studio 30-40 hours a week.  a $5,000 goal is both a drop in the bucket, but by far the largest amount we have yet to attain in one fiscal year.

Please consider supporting Studio@550 and its future.  Studio@550 is a non-profit organization and your donation will be tax-deductible.

Thank you!

Callie Chapman

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Thank you to our 2018-2019 donors:

Ean Orlando Alleyne
Meredith Becker
Emily Bloomenthal
Debra Bluth
Alexandra Botti
Joe Burgio
John Chapman
Danielle Davidson
Peter DiMuro
Judson Evans
Lynn Frederiksen
Janelle Gilchrist
Joan Green
Adrienne Hawkins
Melanie Hedlund
Jessie Jeanne
Wendy Jehlen
Sara June
Karen Klein
Rozann Kraus
Jessica Liggero
Eliza Mallouk
Daniel McCusker
Marissa Molinar
Charlie Nelson
Robert Miller
Chris Orth
Stephen Petrilli
Samuel Potrykus
David Parker
Jonathan Peck
Heather Poduska
Matt Samolis
Althea Shea
Helen Singh-Miller
James Spriggs
Sylvia Stagg Giuliano
Samantha Wilson

Thank you to our 2017-2018 donors:

Karen Chapman
Karen Klein
Catherine Siller

Thank you to our 2016-2017 donors:

James Spriggs
Laura Cashel
Melanie Hudland
Karen Klien
Jimena Bermejo
Chris Orth
David Orr
Tova Teperow / Alive Dance Collective
Joe Burgio
Chavi Bansal
Brenna Banister
Matt Samolis
Jared Williams / Electric Fish
Sara June
Rozann Kraus
Erin Gottwald
Dam Van Huynh
Kristen Young
Stephen Petrilli
Jordan Jamil Ahmed
Helen Miller
Brian Crabtree
Kristy Kuhn
Kim Holman
Megan Chapman
Rebekah Gerstein
Molly Hess
Verna Gallant
Andrzej Kdobirz
Kimberleigh Allen Holman
Marissa Molinar
Danielle Davidson
Marianne Harkless
Jessie Jeanne
Roger Hatt
Daniel McCusker
Josh Vekhter

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