The Skillset Series is a series of professional development workshops geared toward artists and independent contractors that aims to sharpen the business side of things. Topics this year center around self-production. Register Below

All workshops are Sundays 1-3 (please note locations)

FEB 17
Lighting with Stephen Petrilli

Studio 1 at the Dance Complex

Learn the basic fundamentals of lighting design in theatre and also take charge of your confidence with communicating with your lighting designer for your work.


Studio at 550

Learn the ropes of self-producing. We will touch on roles and assembling a team to bring your vision to life, creating a production timeline (and calendar), what to expect when you rent a theatre, and simple marketing strategies to generate audience.

May 12
Video Projection

Studio at 550

In this SKILLSET learn what’s involved (and what’s possible) in video projection. From integrating video clips, to live interactive camera feeds, and even some talk about projection screen materials. Manipulating light with projection can be effective using the simplest elements, such as a simple line that moves through the space. Projection design can go far beyond just playing a movie in the background while your performance happens in front. There will be some talking, some doing, and perhaps some interactivity with the technology while performing.