Have an idea for a class?  We want to hear it!  As we embark on this journey we are looking for class ideas (and teachers) that encompass our mission.  To engage artists in direct exchange with each other in order to facilitate cross disciplinary understanding while rooted in a primary discipline.

What this means
Perhaps you want to teach a live drawing session in which a dancer moves through space while students learn to draw the movement the dancer creates.  And then, maybe switch roles?  Or a drumming class for artists of any type (musicians, visual artists, dancers, sculptors)?  It doesn’t HAVE to include dance either, we just happen to be housed in a wonderful dance space that would make dance possible.

How do we curate?
After you propose your class idea, we will review it and let you know if it fits within our schedule and aligns with the mission here at 550.

So, go ahead and share your idea!

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