Studio@550 is an artist exchange center designed to promote cross disciplinary exchange through classes, workshops, professional development events, networking events, performances, and opportunities through programming and space rental.  Located in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge, Studio@550’s mission is to become a sustainable and nurturing art space for professional level artists to nurture their own discipline while learning about other disciplines to facilitate in-depth conversation through the craft itself.

The Studio boasts over 900 square feet of dance-able space refitted with a new marley floor and 2 walls of windows.  For special events, the Studio also has rooftop access.   For the future the Studio hopes to pilot a “Lab Series” the fall of ’16 creating a space where artists of different disciplines meet for a period of 6-weeks, 3 hours per week to ‘discuss’ through their art various common concepts (such as time, space, weight, stroke, gesture, and other terms which hold similar yet different meanings cross discipline).  This pilot lab series will also allow the participants to build their own curriculum as they see common interests and investigations.

What does this mean for you?  If you are an artist and are curious about techniques, practices, experiences that may help see your work differently through a different lens, The Studio @550 is definitely a place to be.  Come and share your craft with others.  Artists learning from other artists developing their art in parallel.  Imagine being a choreographer taking a class from a video artists about using the camera for a potential dance for camera piece.  Or, a visual artist engaging a dancer into free drawing session.  Perhaps a costume making class?  Technology and art class?

If you are not an artist, but still want to support and be engaged with the Studio there are many ways to do that:

Be on our board!
We are currently seeking board members who can offer their support and enthusiasm to our organization.  Specifically we are seeking board members who may be able to offer the following knowledge and experience:

  • Budget planning and advisory
  • Liability and insurance
  • Navigating City ordinances/permitting requirements
  • Business models
  • Development and Development / Donor Cultivation
  • Board development and cultivation

Be a supporter!
Although our mission is to create self-sustainability, we still require your support through individual donations.
Donate here

We are just starting out, but would love to hear from you about any suggestions you may have.  Want to be involved?  Please drop us a line.  Workstudy positions opening up shortly.




Callie Chapman // Director