Workstudy Agreement

  • Start date and an end date. Minimum date range is three months. If ongoing, choose start date and indicate ongoing. I.e. 1/3/2017 - ongoing
  • This is an agreement between Studio@550 ("the Studio") and the workstudy participant. This agreement outlines the duties required during each workstudy cleaning shift as well as the longer term commitment and frequency for this engagement.

    The workstudy participant agrees to the following terms:

    A workstudy shift consists of cleaning procedures at 1 hour intervals in weekly or twice weekly for a period of at least 3 months.

    During the workstudy shift the following procedures are performed:

    • Pick up trash and dispose of in barrels in office.
    • Return folding chairs, benches, fans, heaters, and barres to their respective locations if they are out of place.
    • If needed use paper towel and dust upper level surfaces with glass cleaner or other multi-surface cleaner.
    • Clean mirrors with squeegee and paper towel
    • Sweep the floor with dust mop including all edges and under chairs, fans, heaters, near the broom corner, and under the piano, using the dustpan to collect and dispose of dirt pile.  It may be helpful to use the small blue handled broom in the office to get behind small areas which are inaccessible with the dust mop.
    • Fill red bucket in office with a dime-sized amount of dish soap and water (from the 2nd floor bathroom).  Euro-mop the floor using towels in bottom bin of shelf in the office and red-handled wide bristled broom.  Hang wet/used towels on ladder in office to air dry.
    • Vacuum the hallway.
    • Sweep the 2nd to 3rd floor stairway.
    • Replace water bubbler water as needed.
    • Clean tray under the water bubbler as needed.

    Before the workstudy participant starts this program, a staff member from the Studio will perform a walkthrough of procedures including: locations of supplies and tools, methodologies used to clean the studio, and proper lockup procedure.

    The Studio will supply the workstudy participant with 2 keys and a door code: A key for the building, a key for the office (to access cleaning supplies), and a door code to enter the studio. These keys are property of the Studio. The Studio reserves the right to confiscate them at any time.

    The workstudy must fill out a Workstudy Checklist (located in the towel bin), and leave it on the office desk for review. As soon as Studio staff reviews the checklist and verifies all procedures were completed adequately, a booking credit of $15 per hour worked will be credited to the workstudy participants account. This credit can be used towards rehearsal rentals, class rentals, or private lesson rentals. Workstudy credit cannot be used towards performance or event rentals at this time.

    Workstudy also agrees to a minimum of 3 months commitment. If workstudy needs to leave this program, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required.

    Future Policy Changes:
    Studio at 550 reserves the right to change the above rental policies at any time to reflect the needs and concerns of the studio, community, and resident companies. Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies.

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