Thank you 2016 Lab Series Artists!

We look forward to having the Lab Series continue in the future.  For this initiative we need $1,000 to support it.

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More About the Lab Series

Laboratories are exploratory discussions among artists from various disciplines through their art.  Over the course of 6 weeks, artists will meet and use their art as catalyst for exploration.  Designed to initiate play and investigation, laboratories are not intended with ‘product’ in mind, but rather on process and finding common ground.  What does the term ‘choreography’ mean to a painter?  A dancer? A musician?  How is space referenced by each of the artists? How does tactile sensitivity differ when working with a medium that is not digital vs. one that is?  We could go on…

The best part? The participants get to design structure based on their own artistic journeys.  Meeting for 3 hours at a time participating artists get to design their time short term and long term.

Because of a generous grant from James Spriggs, the costs for artists is free.  Sessions meet on Sundays from 5pm-8pm and have full use of the space.

Make this what you want.


A big thank you and congratulations to LabSeries: Session ONE participants:
Joe Burgio
Monica Raymond
Andrzej Brodzik
Christopher Talbot
Simona Minns
Emily Cobb
They paved the way for a fabulous platform to be created (and continued).