Sunday, December 3, 2023 
6:30 PM
Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre
400 Harvard Street
Cambridge, MA  02138

Donations in Arthur’s honor can be made to:
Burklyn Ballet Theatre:
Ensemble Adriatico:
Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre:

Thank you for visiting the stream page. The video will stream live from Arthur’s memorial at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre Sunday, December 3 starting at 6:30pm. After the stream is finished, there will be a recording posted here within a few days afterward. The following is a recording.


Arthur Leeth Memorial Page — 23 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry the link wouldn’t work for me the couple of times I tried. I’m sure it must have been a beautiful dedication to Arthur. I look forward to seeing the recorded video in a few days. RIP dear Arthur.

    • Lynda, the stream is tonight (Sun) at 6. The black box is a placeholder for when it does go live. It will show there.

  2. Dearest family, friends and loved ones of our beloved Arthur,

    Many of us are still in shock and beyond words mourning the unexpected loss of the magnificent, gentle, devoutly spiritual, ever generous and loving Arthur.

    Ron and I extend our sincerest and deepest condolences. No words can suitably express Arthur and the rich, profoundly beautiful life he led. His joyful spirit, resilient strength and passion for sharing dance with those young, old, aspiring or professional will always be remembered. His encouragement, and above all his profound wisdom and honesty will be always cherished by all who knew him. He will live on through the thousands of lives he influenced. While his time with us was too short, may all of us find comfort and peace celebrating his life and knowing his legacy is only beginning.

    Regrettably, we lost touch about 40 years ago when we left Boston but the times we shared and danced together, the conversations we had during those years will always be some of the most special in my life. I have so many wonderful, amazing memories. We experienced a joyful journey together. When Arthur and I caught E V Williams’ attention and were cast to dance together we “felt we had arrived.” Though nervous, feeling inexperienced, we were trusted companions, working many hours together to accomplish whatever impressive new lifts EVW dreamt up. Arthur was always the masterful partner extraordinaire. I hold dear those times. He was a friend, partner and confidant.

    With heartfelt sympathy,
    Carinne Binda and Ron Cunningham

  3. My deepest condolences to Mike and all of Arthur’s family and friends who are feeling his loss deeply.
    Thank you for organizing this live stream for those of us who weren’t able to make it in person. It’s much appreciated!

  4. The link is no longer working for us. Just slowing spinning. Is this happening to others and is there someone working on it?

  5. Sadly, the link does not seem to be working. Sadder still, is the loss of Arthur! I will miss him, and being with all the BBC family to celebrate him this evening! I guess I will look forward to the recording. Many thanks in advance for making that happen.

  6. Please be patient with our wifi. The church is made of stone with thick walls. If you loose connection, please refresh the page.

    • Hi Callie, thank you for the reply. Do you know if the recording is working? Just want to make sure of that. Thinking of how much we cherish Arthur and sending our love to Mike.

    • Michael – your words were perfect. The purple glitter was even more perfect. And thank you Freda for playing that variation from Swan Lake. My love to you Michael – and strength in the coming days.

  7. Thank you Arthur for your beautiful spirit, profound generosity, for sharing your love of dance, and (brilliant wit!) with everyone. I first met Arthur at Burklyn Ballet Theatre. I was an awkward thirteen year old and I fondly remember Arthur teaching my little group the roles of the senior girls in Graduation Ball. He could tell I knew nothing but was so gentle and professional in how he conveyed information that I felt safe to “dance”. I connected with him many times thereafter in class or in the theater, and always warmed to him saying that he remembered when I was “a baby”–so true. My deepest condolences to Arthur’s dear family and friends. Much love, Sybil

  8. The website link does not seem to be working. I hope the video is recording for those of us who wanted to be there and couldn’t. So sad to not be there in person.

  9. Link just started working for me. Refreshed numerous times. Just reporting this here for others who might want to keep trying.

    Love to everyone who loved Arthur. xx 🙂

  10. We certainly hope that there will be a recording that we can view. Arthur means the world to us all the years that he worked with us in Charleston Patty and I waited all day to watch this. We look forward to viewing it and celebrating the life of such a wonderful human being. Love to Mike.

  11. Sadly enough wasn’t able to attend due to travel logistics also seems when I tried to connect to streaming link wasn’t working . So wanted to be there to share in all of our wonderful memories of Arthur . May he rest in eternal peace . Godspeed my friend .

  12. What a testament to Arthur’s character! He touched so many lives with his knowledge and generosity. Rest sweetly, Arthur. Our deepest condolences, Mike. Please don’t be a stranger. We love you.

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